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Quotable Quotes

A summary of the things that were said Today: 14th March 2016.


“You will never look at the map the same way again.”

“We are an Expedition. Not a Trip or an Excursion”

“This expedition is NOT an Anecdote”

“you have 140 Team members from 30 different nations; it is like the planet in one room”

“We are proud to say, there are more women than men in this expedition. We didn’t design it this way, it was by their own Choice!”

– Robert Swan


“Find your personal sweet spot- Least effort highest impact”

“Our power as leaders comes primarily from our experience- our life story- look into your own life story”

-Mattias Malessa


“You can only control 2 things: Yourself and the timing of your actions. Everything else is external.”

“We’re gonna make a 1% change, not change radically, but commit to 1% every day! ”

” Have the courage to walk away from the Sacrifice Syndrome.”

“This(expedition) is your ZPD(Zone of Proximal Development).”

-Nigel Paine


“Because no one in this room swam here…”

-Intro to Xavier from Shell on Climate change


“Our brains are conditioned to look at the world with Antarctica at the bottom. here is a picture of earth from space…..”. A picture of Antarctica at the middle. From space, there is no north/south, top/bottom, the universe is expanding and our concepts on earth

“All the knowledge in the world won’t give you the emotional impact as this (experience)”

-Don Kent



“Why did Herly(Frank Herly) feel compelled to tell the story when there was no hope for survival?

…. because he felt compelled to tell a story to people who will never have a chance to do so (experience it).”

“Stories shape information into meaning. are tools for engaging others. stories are more likely to be shared”

-Kyle O’Donogue (a self-proclaimed polar nerd) on Storytelling


“We are going to a place that wants you dead! It’s all about safety- your teams are your family!”

“Branco 5: if we say 7:30, we mean 7:25!”

“This is not a chapter or a footnote in your life; this is going to Change your life!”

“The ship pitches, rolls and yaws…” (said with much drama speaking of the drake)



“Disconnect to connect.”

-Oli Wheeldon


“Keep nothing in the draws, on table tops, selfs or outside! Drake proof your room, unless you want to hear this all night….” Special sound effects with the mic on a plastic box with pens and pencils rolling side to side.

“Patches only work as a ‘prevention’, not as a ‘cure'(for sea sickness).”

“Sea sickness pills are the way to go, so here is your chance to Drug up with consent.”




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