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23rd March: The Dreaded Drake Northbound

Last night the drake struck again and this time, it was definitely higher than a 2! My friend Arjun left the dinner table feeling sick and I didn’t see him for over 24 hours. We had a few sessions today but many people did not attend them because they were in their rooms curled up in bed, or bent over the pot making obscene noises. No, I am not just exaggerating but the drake while going back is definitely way worse than drake when we first experienced it. I didn’t feel too sick, even though this time I didn’t even have any sea sickness medicine. I attended all sessions but my biggest regret was to not give a presentation in the ‘Stor(m)y Time: 10 x 20 x 30 Presentation’ Session. It was a fun session where everyone got to share their story in the format of 10 x 20 x 30; with 10 slides, 20 seconds per slide, 30 people. It was great hearing all their stories. Not only did I get to hear stories of people whom I didn’t have a chance to speak with yet, I got to know so many other people, I thought I knew, so much better. Some of the stories were funny, heart warming, heart wrenching and emotional. You see why each one of us is on this ship. There were stories of courage, struggle, and greatness. If only 15 days were enough to know every one of the 140 people here! If given a chance to do the 10 x 20 x 30 what would you talk about?

I probably would’ve talked about ‘Education, Environment and my journey here’. But now it’s only a regret. There is indeed no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you, Maya Angelou. But just the thought of what I would speak about made me realize how strongly I feel about Education and the Environment, and made me more confident about my knowledge on those topics. There was also a meeting today of all the educators on board and surrounded by these 13 teachers present, I feel proud to call myself an educator. I’ve always held so many different jobs in so many different sectors and even after 3 years of experience working in the Education space this is the first time I so strongly associate myself as a teacher. There are some brilliant teachers I’ve met on this ship, from Martin who has held my dream job of having taught at the Green School in Indonesia to Laura who is called the Water Women on Ship for having started a movement around water in her school and community called H2yOu. As a part of her project she even took water samples for PH testing from Antarctica for which she had to go through 5 governmental agencies to get permission to do so and she is most famously known for doing the Polar Plunge with a bucket of in her hand! 🙂  How cute huh?

We are now a connected bunch of driven educators and there are others who have shown interest in starting an Ebase as well. Excited to see what comes out of this, but for now, I am inspired to be in the presence of such experienced teachers and look forward to exploring the power of the collective.

Most of sessions were partially attended and here is a video that will give you a good idea of why! #DrakeTimes

Watch Carolina save the day!


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