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24th March: Goodbyes

Strange. There is always sadness on departure. It is as if one cannot after all bear to
leave this bleak waste of ice, glaciers, cold and toil…
– Fridtjof Nansen 1912

Today was our final day on Ship! It has been quite an emotional ride.

We found our personal sweetspot in leadership with Nigel and Mattias. We also had a movie screening: “Scott of the Antarctic“. Thisis the movie that Inspired Robert Swan to walk to the south pole and to name his journey “In the footsteps of Scott”. We also had sessions on Social Media Stratergy and Community Building by Chris and Jamie.

Team India painted the ship red as it is HOLI today back home! Needless to say this was my first Holi on ship and it was great celebrating it with everyone from all over the world and smearing organic colors that Gloria brought, along with some paint! 🙂


The Closing Ceremony had Slideshows, Awards & the Expedition Film final cut showcased with a lot of moving speeches. It felt like we were graduating. For we were. Today we became graduates of the Icy clasroom-Antarctica! The Expedition film was the icing on the cake. We all sat in teams and watched it together remenising all the shared moments we had.


The session was followed by one last team dinner with everyone and a bollywood night keeping in line with the holi theme. Everyone you met said the same thing “I can’t believe its over”. and everyone knew exactly what the other one meant when they said it. What we shared as an expirience binded us in unimaginable ways.



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