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Antarctica Myths Busted

In my interactions with people, I’ve had the most interesting reactions when I told them I was going to Antarctica. One of the first few questions I am asked include concerned enquiries about Polar bears and the igloos melting. There is no polite way of busting the myths surrounding the poles than to just state the facts and hope as hell that the people are indeed lifelong learners and are open to being told the difference between Antarctica and the Arctic.

Antarctic myth busted #1:

There are no polar bears in Antarctica. You must be thinking of the Arctic. The only native  inhabitants of Antarctica are Penguins, Seals, and Whales.

Antarctic myth busted #2:

There are no indigenous inhabitants in Antarctica and the population of Antarctica varies anywhere from between 2000-5000 people in a given year and mostly constituents of tourists, scientists and researchers. You are probably thinking the Arctic, Eskimos and Igloos who have been living in the harsh polar conditions for thousands of years.

Antarctic myth busted #3:

Antarctica is melting. Yes, the ice on Antarctica is melting but Antarctica itself is a landmass surrounded by an ocean. The Arctic on the other hand, is a frozen ocean surround by land, where if the ice itself was to melt there would be no Arctic. Hence, the threat to polar bears who would have nowhere to live and would have to swim forever before eventually drowning. 😦 

Climate Change has serious consequences on the entire planet!

Here is a wonderful video that sums it all up:



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