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Army School in Antarctica

Remember 2007? Class 12 farewell? If you went to Army School you probably will. I was in class 11 and I was the Sports Vice Captain. Rohan Sood Bhayya, was the sports captain. He went on to become the Best All Round Student of the Year that year and also topped the School with his 12th board results. The following year I became the Sports Captain and went on to become the Best All Round Student. And I told Rohan Sood Bhayya via mail that I was following his legacy. (I didn’t top the school though :D)

I didn’t speak with Rohan Sood Bhayya till about 8 years after that, until…

We both got selected for the Antarctica Expedition 2016! I mean what are the odds? From not knowing much about each other’s lives for 8 years to now meeting on a ship to Antarctica!! Who would’ve thought? Guess we are still following the ‘Best All Round Student’ legacy. It was super fun calling him Rohan-Sood-Bhayya the whole time on the ship and now that we are back from the expedition, the plan is to give a talk on climate change at Army School as two returning students. 🙂

This photo series is for all the Army school Kids, Juniors, Batchmates, and Seniors.

Truth is God.

-Army school motto



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