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Conversations & People

Every individual you meet has the most incredible story to tell. Conversations are the way to exchange our stories.

The NASA guy: Edward

Me: Hi! I’m Aarati.What’s your name?

Edward: Edward.

Me: Hi Edward! Nice to meet you. *Chew. Chew.* So, what do you do Edward?

Edward: I work for NASA.

Me: (Not registering what he just said) Ahan… What’s your role like?

Edward: I help make Artificial Intelligence Bots which scan the surface of the Arctic, to replicate that on Mars.

Me: Wait! Where do you work again?

Edward: I work with N-A-S-A!?

Me: Oh! NASA! (with a slow nod)

Edward: What do you do?

Me: I teach. *Pause. Chew. Chew.*

I turn to my left to start another breakfast table conversation with a Lawyer from Yale.

Got schooled on the importance of mindfulness and really listening!


The piano man: Zak Malcolm

Me: How old are you? 15??

Zak: I’m 60.


Zak: That piano is beckoning. I’m gonna play the piano.

Me: Does it work? What if it is not allowed?

Zak: I’ll just start playing and if they ask me to stop, then we’ll know anyway.

Me: Wow! You really are 15!

And play he did…

Pardon the bad sound quality. And in case you were wondering, he is 17. 🙂


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