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The Expedition Philosophy

Why are we on a ship to Antarctica to learn about climate change?

Our leadership coach, Nigel Paine beautifully explains the philosophy that rides our expedition. Below is a picture of a brain scan after sitting quietly and a brain scan after a 20-minute walk. See the vast difference in brain activity between the two?


Picture source: Nigel Paine’s presentation

Nigel says, “Now imagine what this is doing to your brains!” pointing all around us at Antarctica. Our brains are like sponges right now. They will absorb any information thrown at us instantly. The same is the case when we travel. Not just Antarctica but also the people who are present in the room this very instant have the same effect. The people whom we are interacting with from all the diverse backgrounds and also all the unique new experiences which we are having every day are contributing by magnifying this experience.


Picture source: Nigel Paine’s presentation

We are in the coldest, driest and the windiest continent in the world! Imagine how highly stimulating this environment is and even challenging to some degree. “The magic begins when you step out of your comfort zone.” Our brains are so malleable right now that we are capable of rewiring it to do anything we want to achieve! This effect will last for about 3 months after we go back before it gets set in its ways again. The idea is to make the most of it.

We are surrounded by people who are doing brilliant things to fight climate change in everyday life. A lot of us pledged to turn vegetarian even, in an attempt to do our bit for preventing Climate Change. I know what you are thinking… We got brain washed into turning vegetarian. But that’s ok! Because we signed up for it. Each one of us signed up to lead a more sustainable life and most of us are here because we already are doing so.

This is the reason we are learning about climate change in Antarctica and the leadership on the edge is happening in Antarctica and not as a conference in New York or Hyderabad.

“All the knowledge in the world won’t give you the emotional impact that Antarctica will”

-Don Kent.


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