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We now know-Lessons from the Nautilus Lounge.


15th March 2016

“Penguins are not fish or Amphibians even though they can swim.They are birds. How do we know? The definition says: If you have feathers you are a bird. But the penguin’s feathers are designed for insulation and not for flying.”

“Their feathers are waterproof.”

“They aggregate in large colonies but they are not social creatures and prefer not to keep any relations other than to their partner. An albatross is more faithful than a penguin!”

“A good mnemonic for learning the hierarchy of the classification of animals is- King Phillip Came Over for Good Spaghetti to remember the sequence: Kingdom-Phylum-Class-Origin-Genes-Species”

“like for corporate parents, penguins chicks gather together in creches while their parents are bringing home bread/krill”.

-‘Penguins: A Natural History’ with ornithologist Fabrice



“The speed of the Glacier was measured using a simple contraption of just a wheel and a stick using frugal innovation/Jugaad”

“Glaciers can move at speeds of 2 feet a day or an inch an hour.”

“Just when you think, ice has shown you everything it has to show you, it always surprises you”

“Fun fact: If all the icebergs were to melt, how much would the sea level rise?

Answer: Zero! As they are already floating and not contributing additional water”

-‘Ice with an Antarctic Twist’ our glaciologist Colin



“The British started having dogs pull the sledge, which was quite a technological advancement, back in the day.”

“…Jhon Fraco discussed it with Sigmund Freud… because back then people would know each other, especially if you were on top of your fields.”

“Early explorers thought of Antarctica as a series of Archipelagos and not as a continent…”

“Early explorers can be dated back to 1525 and 1578 like Hoces and Drake who were greek and Spanish… because the Portuguese never ventured out south then..”

-‘Unveiling the Antarctica’ by Damien.


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