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My Print Media Debut :)


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Extra Extra! In Print again.

While I was on Ship, sailing to Antarctica, this Article appeared in the Newspaper back home in Hyderabad. As soon as I got back, to civilization my whatsapp and facebook buzzed with the 15 days of feed that I missed out on(Don’t even ask!) and at least 20 people messaged me the picture of this article saying how proud they were to see me in the paper. People posted it on my wall. Some of the messages were overwhelmingly sweet it made me tear up.

I loved the article itself, mostly because it mentions my mom and dad’s name in it. Their support has been invaluable through all this and I feel blessed to have parents who never say no to any of the projects I want to take on, no matter how ridiculously ambitious they sound. They have made immense sacrifices to help us achieve all that my sister and I have achieved and they vicariously live life through our adventures.


You can read the whole Article here:



In thank you to 53 people who changed my life…



Fun Fact: The postal pin code of the Indian post office in Antarctica is 403001

I didn’t send the postcards from Antarctica though. They were sent from Ushuaia. If they haven’t reached you yet, it’s probably because it takes three months to reach its destination. Expect it in two more months. 🙂

Post Card from Antarctica

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Freeze ‘Em All \m/

Metallica played Live in Antarctica on 8th December 2013, making it the only band to have performed on all 7 continents; thus putting it in the book of world records.

The rolling stones reported: Fans listened to the show not through amps but “via headphones with no amplification,” …

…they were keeping in line with the Argentinian environment protection laws and complied with the International Antarctic-Environmental Protocol. \m/

Below is a video of the 10 hits they played. But there are no penguins head banging in the video, sorry.